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Xenofontas Apartments

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Very useful information about our accomodation and surrounding area!

Check-in: from 15:00 to 20:00
Check-out: from 01:00 to 11:00

Where to eat:

Right next to our apartment complex, there is a picturesque tavern where you can enjoy your breakfast and meals in a lush green environment. However, if you want to visit the abundance of restaurants located on the beach for your meals, coffee, or drinks, you have that option too.

There is a supermarket in close proximity to the rental apartments. You can easily stock up on essential items and fulfill all your needs.

Our location is ideal for enjoying the beach of Agios Georgios Pagi, which is within walking distance. It is a beautiful beach with blue and crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush nature, impressing with its tranquility. Visitors can enjoy the sun and the sea, while there are also options to taste the local cuisine.


Activities such as windsurfing, sailing, and other water sports can provide you with unique moments. If you’re not a fan of these, you can rent boats and discover the turquoise beaches of Agios Georgios, such as the famous Porto Timoni beach and many more.

Collect beautiful memories by simply walking on our beach under the glorious Ionian sun, enjoying the sunrise or sunset.

Make your vacation in Agios Georgios Pagon unforgettable and start by renting one of our apartments. Contact us today to make your reservation and secure your availability. We are looking forward to hosting you in the paradise of Corfu!

How to reach our apartments:

Our location: Google map location


Corfu International Airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias” is located 33.1 km away, and you can travel to Agios Georgios Pagon using public transportation.


From Corfu Airport, you can take a bus to the city of Corfu (Corfu San Rocco Square). From there, you can find information on how to reach Agios Georgios Pagon. Visit the bus company’s website (KTEL Corfu) to learn about schedules and departure times.
[Bus Company Website]


You can use a taxi from Corfu Airport to take you directly to Agios Georgios Pagon. Before departing, make sure you have been informed about the estimated cost of the route.

Car Rental:

Another option is to rent a car from Corfu Airport and drive yourself to Agios Georgios Pagon.

For google map directions click here

Useful phone numbers:
• European Emergency Number: 112
• EKAB (Emergency Medical Services): 166
• General Hospital of Corfu: 26613 60400-50
• Corfu Airport: 26610 89602, www.cfu-airport.gr
• Aegean Airlines Corfu: 26610 27100
• Ferry Schedules: 26613 65200
• Port Authority: 26613 65211
• Coast Guard: 26610 30481
• Traffic Police: 2661022353
• Tourist Police: 26610 39503-26610 3026
• Fire Department: 199
• KTEL (Bus Service): 26610 31595
• Radio Taxi: 26610 33811
• Poison Control Center: 2107793777